Reinforcing mesh. Welded wire mesh 

Reinforced mesh is a kind of general purpose metal constructions used for reinforcement of construction projects, protection against mechanical damage and to ensure long-term and trouble-free building operation. A mesh consists of longitudinal and transverse rods set perpendicular to each other and welded by means of contact welding. Cells are either rectangular or square.

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Reinforcing mesh is made of class AI and AIII rebars and low-carbon indented steel wire. Product requirements are stated in GOST 23279-85.

Types of reinforcement meshes and application features

The main criterion for classification is the wire diameter. Thus, meshes fall into:

    lightweight meshes (cross-sectional dimension of 3–12 mm);
  • heavy meshes (cross-sectional dimension of 12–44 mm).

Reinforcing mesh

Further application of reinforcing mesh defines the kind of it to be used. In each particular case dimensions are chosen in accordance with requirements set for the object to be reinforced. Heavy meshes are used for reinforcement of highways or railroads, and also for mat foundation and reinforcement of concrete goods.

Reinforcing meshes are necessary for cement underlayments. They increase its strength, thus preventing cracking, which is crucial in regions distinguished by high seismic risk.

Reinforcing mesh

Meshes with diameter of 3 to 5 mm are produced and delivered in rolls. It is recommended to buy reinforcement mesh with small wire diameter if it is to be used in plastering or fencing of various types. Precise cross-section dimension is determined in each particular case individually.

Reinforcement meshes are widely used for reinforcement of mine tunnel walls, drainage facilities, gypsum boards, brickwork, etc.

Reinforcement mesh size designations: definitions

The main parameters or reinforcement mesh are cell size and cross-section dimension of rebars. In detailed documentation they are stated as AхBхC, where A stands for cell length, B for cell width and C for rebar diameter.

For example:

  • 100х150х4 – mesh with cell dimensions of 100х150 mm, made of 4 mm wire;
  • 200х200х5 – mesh with cell dimensions of 200х200 mm, made of 5 mm wire.

Overall measurements of mesh may vary for each combination of the above mentioned parameters and are determined individually in each case. However, mesh width must not exceed 2355 mm (including edge rods).

Reinforcing meshes

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