AST Group is a reliable manufacturer of metal structures and reinforcing mesh. The plant has established itself as a responsible provider of non-standard metal structures and one of the leading service centers for the processing of rebars.

Our main activity field is the manufacture and delivery of reinforcements produced using resistance welding of rebars of different diameters. Today, AST Group produces three main types of reinforcements:

  • Flat slab reinforcements.
  • Space frames.
  • Bored pile reinforcements.

Types of reinforcements

Reinforcements are used in concrete structures, foundations, walls, ceilings and other construction elements. You can order the production or check the stock status of the following types of reinforcements.

Type    Purpose
Bar thickness
Mesh size
reinforcement of linear reinforced concrete structures
4-36 upon request
manufacture of walls and slabs
upon request
upon request
Bored pile
installation of bored piles
upon request
upon request

Flat reinforcements

Flat reinforcements are used in linear reinforced concrete structures. The diameter of rebars is from 4 to 36 mm.

Space frames

Space frames are used for the production of concrete structures and elements, as well as for the reinforcement of foundations and solid slabs in civil and industrial construction. We are happy to provide you with any information on rebars, prices and order conditions upon request.

Bored pile reinforcements

Bored piles are used for the construction of durable high-strength foundations. We are happy to provide you with any information on rebars, prices and order conditions upon request.

Our benefits

Responsible approach to the production and deliver is the basis of long-term cooperation. Our partners are well aware of what we are talking about.

AST Group effectively solves the following problems:

  • Timely production of reinforcements.
  • Direct affordable deliveries from the manufacturer.
  • Strength and durability of reinforcements.

Foundation reinforcements

High speed of construction operations is due to the use of high quality materials. Reinforcement frames can significantly save time when working on various types of foundations.

Depending on the foundation type, you can purchase the following reinforcements.

For continuous foundation

The most common foundation for civilian and low-rise construction. The best type of reinforcement for continuous foundations is a two-band reinforcement frame with cross-connected bars. The diameter of rebars is from 10 to 14 mm.

For slab foundation

This is one of the most durable but expensive types of foundation, since two layers of wire mesh are used. Slab foundation requires many rebars. Optimal cross-section — from 10 to 15mm.

For bored-pile foundation

The second most popular type. 10 mm rebars are mainly used to ensure maximum contact with the concrete mix. You can also use triangular reinforcements.

Production of reinforcements

AST Group today:

  • Highly qualified experts;
  • Modern shops;
  • Innovative technologies and strict compliance with production norms and standards (GOST 10922-90 and 14098-91).

Main production stages of reinforcement:

  • Preparation of rebars.
  • We mark and cut rebars based on the project requirements.
  • Changing the blank shape.
  • Bars can be bent in accordance with the project documentation. 
  • Modern specialized equipment allows us to produce complex-shaped blanks.
  • Final assembly.

We use resistance welding to "collect" the structure using all previously prepared elements. Modern equipment and technological process allow us to create regularly shaped and durable products.

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